Less Government

Since their state was forged in the fires of revolution, Texans have traditionally believed in a limited government, one that met basic needs and lived within its means. Having benefited from the state’s boundless opportunity while growing up in Houston, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst worked tirelessly to expand that opportunity for others while leading the Texas Senate. From reining in state spending and cutting taxes to expanding the state’s reserve funds, Dewhurst set a new standard for fiscally conservative leadership at the state level.

Eliminated & Consolidated State Agencies 

Drawing on a business background where redundancies and inefficiencies are reviled, Lt. Governor Dewhurst turned his scrutiny on the various and sundry state agencies tasked with providing services to Texas taxpayers. By applying simple criteria to gauge effectiveness, seeking ways to combine functions or eliminate outdated responsibilities, Dewhurst successfully oversaw the consolidation or elimination of 57 state agencies. This further reduced government spending while improving the effectiveness of state government.

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