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Policy Insights from Former Lt. Governor David H. Dewhurst

The Sights

David's credibility as a speaker and TV issue commentator flows from his experience and success in the public and private sector.

The Sounds

Never at a loss for an opinion (thanks to his relentless study of the issues), David has strong views on the issues of the day.

The Scoop

Whether he's signing a deal for a new energy project or standing up for fiscally conservative policy, David gets noticed.

1.9 million
Jobs Created
State Agencies
Abolished or Consolidated
$16 billion
Tax Cuts
Rainy Day Fund Increased

The Dewhurst Era was a time of prosperity in Texas

As the 41st Lieutenant Governor in Texas history, David Dewhurst presided over the Senate during an unprecedented expansion of the state economy.

More Jobs

During David’s tenure as Lt. Governor, Texas added more than one million jobs.

Less Government

With a passion for efficiency rooted in his business background, David slimmed down government.

Stronger Families

David passed more pro-life legislation than any other Lt. Governor in Texas history.

Greater Safety

David led the charge to appropriate more than $800 million to border security.

Enhanced Infrastructure

With the Texas population on the rise, David worked to increase access to roads, water and electricity.

Better Care

David pushed hard for federal block grants and freedom in lieu of expanding Medicare.

They Say

What people are saying about David

I think his legacy, really I've said many times, is the Texas miracle. What we have today with our economy, there's no question in my mind that that would not exist without his leadership.

The Honorable Tommy Williams

I think if you want to look at what Governor Dewhurst has done the last ten years, he's helped model this state to run like a business. He brought his business expertise to state government.

Senator Kevin Eltife

Because of his compassion, because of his ability to understand conflicting perspectives, and because of his impeccable manners, and finally, his very persuasive charm, that he will be remembered as a really good lieutenant governor who always tried to do the right things. I believe his charm is part of his legacy, and those impeccable manners.

Senator Judith Zaffarini

He also was a man of honor because he did what he said he was going to do. I knew that if he said that he would follow through with something, I would trust him to do that. And he did, 100% of the time. He was one of the greatest advocates for veterans in the state of Texas that we have ever known, and we're going to miss his leadership in the state government.

Thomas Palladino, Texas Veterans Commission

That was Lt. Governor Dewhurst's genius. He was not only getting members of the Senate to work together, but also the members of the pro-life groups and the different segments. As a result, we have probably one of the strongest [pro-life] laws in the country [in Texas].

Joe Pojman, Texas Alliance for Life

He was a real statesman. And provided leadership in higher education that this state had not seen before.

Kent Hance, Former Chancellor of Texas Tech University

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